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Creation 2023 - Provisional title

Estimated duration between 50mn and 1h10
All ages from 8 years old
Show for the hall

Our next production will be on the topic of love. Love, this thing about which we understand nothing but without which life seems so dull.

We will particularly focus on the declaration of love in all its forms: animals', flowers' and humans' courtship rituals, serenades, poems and much more... The piece will also deal with the impossibility of loving each other, the difficulty for the body and soul to deal with the feeling of love. Loss, friendship, symbiotic relationships, passion, brotherly love, physical love, self love, and probably a lot more.

We will question the concepts of feminity and masculinity, allowing us to dissociate feminine from woman and masculine from man, or not. Without judging one or the other but taking perverse pleasure in confusing the audience, misleading mind and perception, offering multiple transformations.

The show will be performed by eight artists, an equal number of men and women. The set will consist in four vertical ropes and four Chinese poles, a forest of vertical lines perfectly similar at first sight but very different in terms of density, flexibility and nature. It is designed as a metaphor of feminine and masculine, of yin and yang. Two circus skills connecting sky and earth, the airspace and the ground. The one unbending, requiring the body to adapt. The other flexible and changeable, adapting and taking the shape of the body. We will take pleasure in debunking that binarity, losing our way in the twists and turns of our trying to love and being loved. Also taking the risk to be abandoned, lost, alive.