Fanny Soriano

Author and choreographer of the Libertivore company

Circus artist, Fanny Soriano graduated at the age of twenty from the Center national des arts du cirque de Châlons-en-Champagne with the congratulations of the jury.

First as a performer, then as a choreographer, she works on a form of artistic expression that revolves around the aerial disciplines of circus, acrobatics, contact dance and improvised performances.

She develops a personal approach to aerial techniques linked to dramaturgy, sensations and forms inspired by the rope, thus creating an original repertoire.

His many encounters and collaborations (Archaos, Cirque Plume, Jacques Rebotier, Cahin-Caha, Collectif AOC ...) allow him to experiment and enrich his artistic research.

Health problems forced him to stop his activity.

She works as an outside gaze or director in various companies, and she intervenes in several professional circus schools.

Within the Libertivore company, she is developing bodywork combining circus and dance, complemented by research on organic matter. His circus, of metaphysical essence, aims to explore the relationships between Nature and human nature: around a material body, malleable and metamorphosis.

The acrobatic language of Libertivore probes the place of man in a (sur) natural biotope. Inspired by nature's breaths, from which she draws apparatus, scenographies and accessories, she seeks to highlight the virtues of a simplicity that is sometimes undetectable, unknown or underestimated.

Within the Libertivore company, she created the shows Hêtre, Phasmes, Silva then Fractales



Kamma Rosenbeck

Aerial circus artist

Kamma Rosenbeck was born in a snowstorm in Copenhagen to a Mexican mother and a Danish father.

She quite naturally began to trapeze between two circus trucks at the age of five. She grew up at the Château de Monthelon, where she took advantage of the passage of international artists to train in an eclectic way in dance, acting and circus.

She quickly specialized in fixed trapeze, participated in the collective creation Flying Fish Circus in 2009 and went to the national circus school of Chatellerault in 2011-2012.

Today, based in Paris, she works in cabarets (France, Switzerland, Denmark) and participates in several circus creations as an interpreter: "Tense flow", Cie l'Eolienne (aerial creation for 5 trapeze artists), resumption of solo show "Hêtre" by Fanny Soriano, and project "CARLA", cie rhizome (creation 2016-17).


Nina Harper

Aerial circus artist

Nina Harper was born in Brazil to a family of artists. She participated in shows by her mother’s troupe from the age of 6. She studies at the Fratellini Academy and works on an approach to aerial apparatus through dance and improvisation. During the training, she participated in several creations among others staged by Pierre Meunier, Philippe Fenwick, Michele D'Angelo, Stuart Seide, Laurent Frechuret, etc.
Between 2015 and 2016, she worked with Cie Les Intouchables in the creation Implosion suspendue, research on reflex movements on a sculpture of trapezoids. In 2016 she worked with Cie Libertivore to replace Kamma Rosenbeck on the aerobatic dance solo Hêtre.
She is interested in different structures on which to hang to better express narrations and sensations.


Voleak Ung

Circus Performer - Aerobatic

Voleak Ung was born in 1994 in Battambang, Cambodia. To follow her dream, she left her family in 2007, at the age of 13, to join a circus school located in a big city, far from her home.

Her desire to discover the world and her acrobatic potential push her to deepen certain circus techniques for several months in Vietnam.

After this stay, Voleak discovers what the circus in life means to her. She then entered the competition for the National Circus Arts School of Rosny-sous-Bois (Enacr) and returned there in September 2010. After a necessary recovery during her first year, Voleak gradually resumed training . In the second year, she met Vincent Briere and then formed a hand-to-hand duo with him.


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Jeanne Ragu

Aerial circus artist

Passionnate about the performing arts and dance in particular, she trained as a contemporary dancer while studying part time.
After graduating as a dancer, she improved her technique by taking classes with various dancers and choreographers such as Suzanne Alexander, Nina DIPLA, Koen AUGUSTIJEN, Montalvo-Hervieux company…

As her interest and curiosity grew for the art of movement, she challenged the density of the body performing in the air, the concept of balance and weight and decided to go into the circus arts. With her working partner Pauline Barboux, they delved more deeply into the aerial dimension of their art creating a new aerial skill: la Quadrisse.

The two of them joined the vocational circus school Académie Fratellini in Paris where they elaborated a singular approach of their device. A suspended hand-to-hand, intertwining and counterbalancing, a choreographic language in which one can not hold on without the other.

After graduating in 2012, they joined L’Envolée Cirque company with a desire to promote travelling contemporary circus and the big top. They set up three productions Tanda, Traits D’Union and Lichen and are currently preparing a big top performance ELLE/S. As performers, they have collaborated with artists of various disciplines (theatre, dance, circus…) such as Stéphanie Loik, Kitsou Dubois, Cisco Aznar, Fanny Soriano, participating in several of their productions.


Vincent Brière

Circus artist - porter

Vincent was born in the Hauts-de-Seine before quickly leaving with his family to settle in Rennes. It was in South America that he had his first contact with the street arts and that he learned juggling.

Back in France, he chose to train in the circus arts and left for Spain for two years: first in Pamplona, then in Catalonia where he trained in acrobatics, juggling, Chinese mast and flexible wire. .

In 2011, he joined the National Circus Arts School of Rosny-sous-Bois (Enacr) where he met Voleak Ung, with which he engaged in acrobatic stints. He discovers the incredible potential of dance and movement. He then joined the National Center for Circus Arts of Châlons-en-Champagne where he refined his training in acrobatic stints with Voleak.

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Léo Manipoud

Circus artist - acrobat

Léo Manipoud was born in a small mountain village in Haute-Savoie. Always climbing in the trees and doing acrobatics in the fields, he thus found his own way of moving. He began his apprenticeship with capoeira and then trained in acrobatics at the Cirque de Piste d'Azur school and at the higher school of the Fratellini Academy, from which he graduated in July 2018.
During his career, he had the opportunity to work as an interpreter for Kitsou Dubois, Anna Rodriguez, Olivier Letellier, Marie Molliens, Isabelle Lafon and others.
Rocked during his childhood by stories and tales of all kinds, he is very attached to storytelling and character construction.
He directs his acrobatic work towards animality and transformation to bring the spectator into an "elsewhere" and for in turn, telling stories.


Pauline Barboux

Aerial circus artist

Born in a circus family, Pauline Barboux took an interest in the performing arts and the art of movement as a child. Passionnate about dance, she managed to train and study part time at high school passing a literature diploma as well as a contemporary dance certificate preparing for a teaching diploma.

While she never put aside the circus environment in which she grew up and still fantasised about, she joined in 2009 the académie Fratellini in Paris from which she graduated in 2012.
As an aerial acrobat, she formed a duo of "aerial dancers on a Quadrisse" with Jeanne Ragu.

Their meeting was intense and they shared common aspirations. Their friendship turned into a collaboration. Having always dreamt of "dancing in the air" and after having experienced the static trapeze as well as the flying trapeze, together with Jeanne, they designed a "Quadrisse". A unique device composed of four thin black halyards and two bodies performing from the ground to the air on one, two, three or four halyards.
Within their company L’Envolée Cirque, the duo sets up various productions designed for the public space as well as for the big top.
They also present lighter versions of their productions within site specific events or festivals.
Finally, they perform with Kitsou Dubois, Stéphanie Loik, Cisco Aznar, les Melangeurs company among others.

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Noémie Deumié

Aerial circus artist

Born on July, 26th, 1993 in Suresnes near Paris, Noémie grew up among her cousins and brother with whom she shared the sheer madness of their grand-parents. As a little girl, she grew up with the sounds of waves and blossomed by the sea. She learned to sail and practised synchronised swimming, water being her element.

At the age of 14, she was introduced to circus arts at île d’Yeu, and then to aerial silks with Drapés aériens, a company based in Saint Nazaire. The skill suited her perfectly and they worked like a charm. Meeting Fred Deb was very helpful. She decided to prepare for professional circus school's entrance exams at Lido circus school in Toulouse. There, she started developing a singular language on the aerial silks, off the beaten track, whilst getting a degree in sports in relation to health and handicap. In 2015, she began her studies at French national circus schools ENACR CNAC during which she had unique experiences with Guy Alloucherie (HVDZ company) and Sophia Perez (Cabas company). Upon graduation in 2019, she performed for Libertivore company by taking over the role in the production Hêtre. She continues her exploration of the aerial silks in her own unique way and shows her work on various occasions. In 2020, she joined ScOM company and is currently participating in the production of a new piece.



Damien Fournier

Dancer - Outside eye

Damien Fournier is a versatile dancer and circus artist. He specialised in acrobalance at CNAC circus school. Since he graduated, he has participated to more than 35 productions with various companies such as Josef Nadj, Guy Alloucherie, Damien Jalet, Helder Seabra, Kitsou Dubois, Alexandra Waierstall. Since 2006, he has been collaborating with Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui as a performer within the productions Myth, Babel, Puz/zle, Sutra and movie production Anna Karenina. He has also collaborated as assistant choreographer and répétiteur in Sutra (a performance featuring Shaolin monks of Henan temple, China).


Thomas Barrière

Musician composer

Passionate about progressive rock and world music, he taught himself the guitar in 1994 and got a degree in contemporary music in 2005. Deeply impressed by the movie Stepacross the border, he decided to go into alternative music in 2002. Since then, he has created several pieces such as Primaire, a solo for a multi-neck guitar and various object, Du Vent, an installation with ten fans, a musician and shadows. He also composed and performed the music of Volchok, Cirque Trottola's second production on tour for four years.
Since 2006, he has experienced multiple art forms collaborating with musicians (Lionel Garcin, NushWerchowska, Emilie Lesbros, Bart Maris, Philippe Renault), dancers (Ex Nihilo company, Sara Jaleco, Yvan Bertrem), film makers (Boris Lehman, Vincent Capes) and comedians (Sky De Sela, Alexandre Demay, Bonaventure Gacon)…


Cyril Leclerc

Artist - Light creator

Cyril Leclerc is a visual artist and lighting designer.

He creates installations and performances in which the lighting is considered a malleable and organic plastic material. He is particularly interested in the way lighting and movement are interconnected.
He also collaborates on theatre and contemporary dance productions designing the lighting as an independent process enhancing the elements constitutive of the piece i.e. the intent, the bodies, the text and sound.
As a collaborator for Libertivore company, Cyril designed the lighting of the productions Phasmes, Fractales and Éther.

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Sandrine Rozier

Costume designer

Sandrine Rozier is a fashion designer who graduated from Institut Français de la Mode. She designs and creates costumes and sets using traditional techniques for producing and dying. She has used natural dyes for more than ten years in France and overseas. Having travelled a lot, she has built ties in solidarity with over thirty textile craftsmen and women throughout the world. She contributes to the promotion of the know-how of Asian, Indian and African rural communities who weave fabric from plants present in their environment. She teaches students specialising in textile, costume design and other textile courses.


Mathilde Monfreux

Dancer - Outside eye

A dancer, performing artist and choreorapher, Mathilde Monfreux devises an organic and instinctive artistic technique based on sliding moves, zooms and withdrawals. She produces theatre pieces and site-specific performances. Her work is strongly connected to the organic matter. She focuses on the constant flow which she depicts through various media, using the body and dance mainly, the voice and relationship with an object.
She is regularly asked to collaborate as a choreographer and give her point of view and advice for circus artists as well as choreographers and visual artists.

Greg Cosenza feat Boris Moncomble (4 sur

Grégory Cosenza

Musician composer

Gregory Cosenza is a musician, composer and sound technician. He received a medal for his work in electroacoustic music in 2007 and he trained as a sound technician and computer musician at ADCOMEAM (1999) and finally as a composer at Promusica (2004).
A co-founder of multidisciplinary arts collective PHOSPHENE, he has composed a solo called ENTRE)S) and takes part in various rock bands. He also collaborates with other companies in the field of the performing arts, street theatre, theatre, dance and participates in movie productions but also in the setting up of installation art and museum displays.
Among other companies, he has worked with Cirque Trottola and petit théâtre baraque, Malaxe company, Le troisième cirque, Mobilis Immobilis company, Raoul Lambert company, Post scriptum company, Ali Bougheraba, Le bal des Ogres, Blue Yéti...
As a collaborator for Libertivore company, Gregory composed the music of the productions Fractales and Éther.


Oriane Bajard

Visual artist - scenographer

A visual artist and set designer, Oriane Bajard is active in the field of the performing arts and installation art. Her expertise leads her to question our relationship with space and time and connect the bodies to the landscape by defying scales and examining the role of Man in his environment.

She studied arts and set designing at école supérieure d'Art in Orléans and Pavillon Bosioat in Monaco. Since then, she has created site specific installations mainly in the natural environment and has collaborated with various companies in the performing arts. As a collaborator for Libertivore company, she designed the visual atmosphere of the productions Fractales and Éther in 2019 in partnership with Fanny Soriano.




Sarah Mégard & Nicolas Feniou

Tour and production manager


Sarah and Nicolas met when they were respectively in charge of partnership issues and office management at French national circus school ENACR. In 2018, they founded Full-Full, a production and touring agency in order to continue promoting the projects of circus artists in close partnership with them.


Elyane Buisson


Since 2009, Elyane has been working at Azad production, a production and touring agency. She is in charge of office management, coordination, production and touring issues for companies acting in the field of the performing arts, based in the south of France and Alsace.



Olivier Schwal

Phasmes Manager


Julien Degrémont

Hêtre Manager


Vincent Van Tilbeurgh

Ether Manager


Nancy Drolet

Fractales Manager


Samuel Bodin

Fractales manager