Creation 2017

From the age of 8

At the heart of a universe in constant mutation, five individuals move, morph and radiate across the landscape. Their bodies use the acrobatic language of circus and dance to accompany the slow metamorphosis of the environment in which they are an integral part.
Their bodies are both active and passive : confronting organic matter, they accompany it, evade it, crash against it and melt into it. Like fractals, nothing here has a beginning nor an end, but is part of a continuum, of which the spectator only glimpses an instant. In this decomposing, recomposing universe, humanity is buoyed along by an optimistic curiosity
for the unknown and for « otherness », because the end of every single thing is also the beginning of something else.
By harmoniously and chaotically bonding with this permanantly regenerating biotope,
the bodies reflect all that is random and unpredictable, letting a disturbing strangeness flow through them as they are struck by fleeting moments of beauty.



Fractales is a reaction to the multitude of proclaimed « endings » in perspective : the end of an economic system, of an ecological system, of a political system, etc… the piece opens a new chapter in the company’s exploration into humankind and Nature, this time drawing inspiration from the observation of life and living things, faced with
the inconsistence of a landscape in transformation. The five artists onstage, along with the set designer, experience a cyclical and chaotic transformation, followed and accompanied by revival.

« Chaos is filled with hope because it heralds a rebirth. » Coline Serreau

«… Fanny Soriano has composed a five-piece score jewel with, as instruments to embody this symphony for the environment, which fascinates her so much, coral lenses, small pieces of cork and large sections of fabric which she plays beautifully ... »

Laurent Gutting, Midi Libre

Writing and choregraphy Fanny Soriano
Artistic collaborations Mathilde Monfreux et Damien Fournier
Performers Kamma Rosenbeck, Nina Harper, Voleak Ung, Vincent Brière, Léo Manipoud
Music Grégory Cosenza
Costumes Sandrine Rozier
Lighting Cyril Leclerc
Scenography Oriane Bajard et Fanny Soriano
General direction Nancy Drolet


Production Compagnie Libertivore

Coproductions Pôle arts de la scène - Friche de la Belle de Mai - Marseille / Archaos - Pôle national cirque - Marseille / Le Merlan scène nationale de Marseille / Théâtres en Dracénie - Théâtre de l’Esplanade scène conventionnée dès l’enfance et pour la danse - Draguignan / La Passerelle scène nationale de Gap et des Alpes du Sud / Plateforme 2 Pôles cirque en Normandie - La Brèche à Cherbourg - Cirque Théâtre d’Elbeuf / La Verrerie d’Alès Pôle national cirque Occitanie / CIRCa, Pôle national cirque Auch Gers Occitanie / Théâtre de Châtillon / Le plus petit cirque du monde – Centre des arts du cirque et des cultures émergentes - Bagneux.

Residence Archaos, Pôle national cirque Marseille / Plateforme 2 Pôles cirque en Normandie - La Brèche à Cherbourg / La Verrerie d’Alès, Pôle national cirque Occitanie / La Cascade, Pôle national cirque Ardèche-Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes / CIRCa, Pôle national cirque Auch Gers Occitanie / Le plus petit cirque du monde – Centre des arts du cirque et des cultures émergentes - Bagneux / Théâtre La Passerelle, scène nationale de Gap et des Alpes du Sud / Le Merlan scène nationale de Marseille

Supports DGCA – Ministère de la Culture, Direction Régionale des Affaires Culturelles Provence- Alpes-Côte d’Azur (aide à la création), Région SUD Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur, Ville de Marseille, Conseil départemental des Bouches-du-Rhône. Avec le soutien de la SACD / Lauréat 2018 Processus cirque - Avec le soutien de l’ADAMI, avec le soutien du Groupe Geste(s) / Lauréat 2019

Thanks Otto Akkanen, Jacques Aujard-Catot, Jules Beckman, Julie Bordenave, Johan Caussin, Etienne Debraux, Valérie Dubourg, Astrid Durocher, Pascal Eyraud, Aurelia Fradin, Sylvain Granjon, François Merchie, Jorg Muller, Bastien Pelenc, Nemanja Princolio, Arnaud Sauvage, Les Ateliers Sud Side, Jonathan Sutton, Amaury Vanderborght.

© Photo : Tom Prôneur / Loïc Nys - Sileks / Ian Granjean