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2020-10-03 Ouverture saison culturelle B


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Debut texte

Creation 2015

25 min
For all
For the hall and public space

A young woman gradually moves away from the real world and enters a forest of mysteries and dreams.
His liana body approaches, insinuates itself, slips until it melts into the wood.
In this moment of solitude, she does not shut herself up. She takes a step back, height too.
She gathers her strength and opens wide the windows, those which overlook the elsewhere and the intimate.
A harmonious and hypnotic melee between an extraordinary apparatus and a young woman in the midst of a metamorphosis.


Beech was born from a reflection on the vital need for solitude.
Today we are assailed by external stimuli, called upon almost every moment of the day and night by ever more pressing and gripping needs.
It is more and more difficult for us to find moments of pause and silence.
How then to focus and know yourself?
How to privilege these sweet moments of solitude which forge our person and our freedom?

« We experience the ultimate fusion between two organic entities, one living, one inert ; an
unlikely yet beautiful meeting of bodies and forms.
The branch is the key to freedom for this solitary woman ; her lithe, expressive body tames
the branch and in doing so, unlocks her spirit. »

David Simon, Théâtrorama, january 2016

TEASER / Compagnie Libertivore - Hêtre -  2015 - Solo Cirque/Danse

TEASER / Compagnie Libertivore - Hêtre - 2015 - Solo Cirque/Danse

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