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Debut texte

Creation 2008
For all
For the room

What is a couple?

You and me, and then?
… Life together as an utopia


Is it better to be alone?
Love on a silver platter, with its beauty and impenetrable facets, where languages and cultures coalesce.
Is love impossible?
Love gushes over us. What are we doing here?

The purpose is not that clear.

Do you want to rush into the depths of your real life or escape from it by diving into a fantasy?

Maybe both?

The performance is based on dualities, their dualities.
Man and woman of course, but also sound and silence, authenticity and artifice, frenzy and calmness, nature and society...

Everything comes alive when contradictions mount up and collide..

Who are these two?
Unique and yet universal characters.

A poetical version of life in its rawness.
Fiction or real life? Maybe both?


Compagnie Libertivore - Spectacle Libertivore - 2008

Compagnie Libertivore - Spectacle Libertivore - 2008

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Duo of Fanny Soriano and Jules Beckman


With the support of Subsistances (Lyon)

Acrobatic Theaters (Marseille)

the Centaur Theater (Marseille)

CHAPAZARD and the Projecteur association (Pernes les Fontaines)

Cahin Caha / La Ruche, Regards et Mouvements (Hostellerie de Pontempeyrat)

CREAC (Marseille) and the Théâtre de la Cité Internationale (Paris)

Winner of the Jeunes Talents Cirque 2006

© Photo : Jean-Pierre Estournet

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