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The company’s outreach activities are multi-faceted and specifically designed for the audience involved (beginners, amateurs and circus professionals of all ages).

While familiarising the participants to our approach of the acrobatic movement - which is closely related to contact dance – we offer a comprehensive physical training based on circus and dance skills, combining it with an investigation into the organic material.

One of the aims is for the partakers to relearn to be in relationship with the Other, giving them an opportunity to decontextualize physical contact from its social meaning, to get familiar with touch again and consider the body as a malleable and transformable material – what we call body material – within a creative context.

We use acrobatics to depict feelings and stories.

These workshops offer a training based on artistic and physical skills. They provide teaching methods that encourage mobility, cooperation and curiosity.


We have designed specific workshops according to our productions:



This piece deals with topics such as loneliness, female archetypes, the forest, the apparatus considered as an object, the theatrical performance of the body in suspension. Skills involved: aerial dance/dance.


This piece deals with topics such as animality, chimaeras, metamorphoses, the body material, mutual assistance and solidarity. 
Skills involved: circus/ acrobalance and hand-to-hand acrobatics/dance/acrobatic sports/fine arts/earth and life sciences.


This piece deals with topics such as Fractals, symmetry, organic structures, constellations, collapse, ecology, interconnections in the living world, resilience, cyclic and chaotic changes.
 Skills involved: circus / dance / acrobatic sports / mathematics / fine arts / earth and life sciences

CANOPÉ - a public service promoting educational support – has designed an extensive educational kit in connection with the piece for public schools' teachers (primary and secondary schools).


This piece deals with topics such as one's relationship with the Other, one's fear of the Other, sharing a confined space, cooperation. Skills involved: aerial dance/dance / acrobatic sports / French / fine arts .


This piece deals with topics such as the landscape and the body, optical illusions, camouflaging, cooperating.
 Skills involved: photography / fine arts / aerial dance/dance / acrobatics/ acrobatic sports.

An introductory course in playwriting may be organised as part of long-term programmes (circus laboratory). These workshops don't systematically take place inside a venue since we perform our pieces indoors as well as outdoors.

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