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Creation 2021 - 4th International Biennial of Circus Arts

Duration 1h

Circus and dance - aerial duo
All ages from 8 years old
Show for the hall

The company is starting a new sequence on human relations. The first part, Éther, is an exploration of interpersonal mechanisms involving two characters behind closed doors in the process of "making contact". This serves as a basis for a playful performance that takes various forms, physically, emotionally and spaciously speaking.

While Fractales investigated the adversity of a group facing the elements, Éther delves into the intervals that regulate the imposed sharing of a territory. A topic extremely relevant today: having to chose between fighting against each other, supporting each other, keeping our distance or merging. What options do we have?


Two planets between heaven and earth. In a lunar scenery, two entities facing and mirroring each other. Two creatures exploring the range of possibilities in terms of relationships, alternately allies, ennemies, sisters and strangers. Experiencing the whole variety of feelings caused by their being compelled to share a territory, either they transform the space or they are transformed by the space. At times in unity, at times in conflict, the two women reflect our fears and mutual attraction. The Other is considered a myth or, on the contrary, a natural element, to be perceived with peaceful simplicity. A fascinating contradiction that all of us face constantly.

Writing, Choreography Fanny Soriano
Performers Pauline Barboux and Jeanne Ragu
Scenography Oriane Bajard and Fanny Soriano
Light Cyril Leclerc
Music Gregory Cosenza

Costumes Sandrine Rozier
Choreographic collaboration Mathilde Monfreux and Cendrine Gallezot

Machinery Design Arnaud Sauvage

General manager Vincent Van Tilbeurgh

Lighting and sound management Olivier Schwal

CREATION IN 2021 - As part of the 4th International Circus Arts Biennial

- January 28 and 29 at the Theaters in Dracénie, Stage agreed to national interest Art and Creation - Dance - Draguignan

- February 4 and 5 at ZEF, Scène nationale de Marseille

- From February 9 to 14: Anthea, Antipolis Théâtre d'Antibes

- February 19 and 20: Les Elancées, Théâtre de Fos

Cie Libertivore
Co-productions Theaters in Dracénie Agreed stage of national interest Art and Creation - Dance - Draguignan / Performing arts center - Friche de la Belle de Mai - Marseille / Houdremont cultural center - La Courneuve / Archaos - National circus center - Marseille / Théâtre de Châtillon / Le Cratère, National Stage of Alès / La Verrerie - National Circus Occitanie Pole - Alès / Jules Verne Circus, National Circus and Street Arts Pole Amiens / LE PÔLE - conventioned stage of national interest - The Mediterranean Circus Season
Supports DRAC PACA / national question circus creation of the DGCA / Help to the operation of the Southern Region / operating assistance from the City of Marseilles and the County Council of the Bouches-du-Rhône / County Council of Seine-Saint- Denis

Fanny Soriano is an associate artist at the Theaters in Dracénie Conventioned scene of national interest Art and Creation - Dance - Draguignan

Acknowledgments Julie Bordenave, Hélène Hirsinger, Olivier Jambrich, Anne Morata, Bastien Pelenc, François Merchie.

Creation calendar
From December 16 to 20, 2019: Archaos - Pôle national cirque - Marseille
February 13 to 26, 2020: Theaters in Dracénie, Draguignan
From July 24 to August 7, 2020: Archaos - Pôle national cirque - Marseille
From November 9 to 20, 2020: Le Pôle, Le Revest-les-Eaux

From December 3 to 17, 2020: Houdremont Cultural Center, La Courneuve

From January 4 to 16, 2021: The Alès National Crater-Stage

From 22 to 27 January 2021: Theaters in Dracénie, Draguignan

© Dessin : Oriane Bajard / © Photos : Gaël Delaite

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