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In situ creation in natural space
2 hours approximately
All audiences above 7 years old

Sensorial, poetic journey through Nature, Silva (« forest » in Latin) draws the spectators into deep contemplation and reverie.
Odd, singular characters, played by the company’s acrobat-dancers, inhabit the setting, looking for encounters with the audience.
Inspired by the natural sumptuousness of their surroundings, the artists’ bodies metamorphose. Climbing plant bodies, animal bodies, mineral bodies, they melt into the environment ; watching them, the spectators lose their bearings and let themselves be
carried along by the sensations and emotions sparked by these astonishing beings.

Silva is the company’s ever-changing In-Situ project, set outdoors in the wild. The dancers and acrobats use the choregraphic material from Hêtre, Phasmes and Fractales, adapting and harmonising the choreography to fit in with the chosen setting.
The dance and movement is then enriched with new choregraphic material created directly on-site. Each Silva is therefore unique to each location the company performs in.
Silva’s objective is to highlight the natural beauty of a site and to alter the spectators’ view of their surroundings, leading their eyes towards the poetry hidden in trees, fields, forests, nooks and crannies.
The project requires a certain amount of time for location scouting, sounding out the chosen environment and for on-site rehearsals, well in advance of the performances.

"What to say when you find yourself in front of the beauty, of the one who, all of a sudden, sweeps away all doubts and makes you again believe in something. A breath of fresh air that suggests everything is possible. "

Gérard Lucas, Journal le Dauphiné, June 2017

Writing and choreography Fanny Soriano
Interpretation and collaboration Variable depending on the creations

© Photo : Oriane Bajard

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